Say what you mean

Engage definition in the dictionaryEngage. Efficiency. Innovative. Stakeholders. Outreach.

Do you see any of these words regularly? Use them yourself?

I do. But I have to admit that these are words that make me shudder.

It’s hard to avoid them these days, especially in communications. Communications is about engaging. We recognize that relationships with our stakeholders (there’s another one) are two-way. It’s not just about customers buying from us or us advertising to them. It’s about building that relationship that will make them a loyal client–or the ultimate, a brand ambassador.

And so we use words like engage, stakeholder, outreach.

To me, those words often seem empty. Don’t tell me you engage stakeholders. Show me–through a testimonial or a story about a real project–that you care, that you’re different than other businesses, that you’re engaging.

As a business owner, you want to have more customers, you want your business to stand out, you want people to know about you. So let’s do that.

My job, when I work for you, is to help you connect with customers. I will use direct language–words that people actually say when they speak to each other–to tell your story. And I’ll help you tell a story. Show who you are, what’s important to you, what you’re all about. That’s what will resonate with your stakeholders. Let’s try that again. That’s what will matter to your customers.

Am I speaking your language? Contact me and let’s tell your story.

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