Canadian legion poppyRemembrance Day is this Friday, Nov 11. This day marks the end of World War I and offers an occasion to remember the service and sacrifice of veterans as well as current soldiers.

Nov. 11 is a very meaningful day for me.

My grandfather was a veteran of the second World War.

Leaving three young children and his wife at home, he enlisted in the Canadian army.

He trained in Canada as a tank driver–a job that he thought might be a bit safer. Once overseas, he served on foot in Italy and Holland.

One day, he was driving the ammunition truck and the unit was attacked. With nowhere to hide, he took shelter under the truck.

My grandfather did not tell many stories of his time in the war.

It wasn’t until more than 40 years after the end of the war that he finally brought out his medals and shared them with the family.

My grandfather was the patriarch of a large family. In addition to the three children born before the war, he and my grandmother had one more son born after the war, my father. The family currently has 14 grandchildren, 23 great-grandchildren, and even 3 great-greats now.

Every Remembrance Day, our family gathered together to recognize my grandfather, both for his service and also because Nov. 11 was his birthday.

This Friday, as I attend the Remembrance Day service in my hometown and spend the day with my family, I will be remembering my grandpa.

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