My vocabulary is never suffonsified

Glass jar of maple syrup made in CanadaI learned a new word this summer. As a 30-something communications professional, this doesn’t happen to me all that often.

The word is–you ready for it?


Have you heard that one before?

According to Urban Dictionary: “To have had enough to eat, to be full. Apparently of Canadian origin.”

Ahh, another unique Canadian colloquialism.

And the perfect Canadian illustration for this suffonsification? A jar of maple syrup, homemade on our farm. Notice the jar even says “Made in Canada.” Personally, I am never suffonsified when it comes to pure maple syrup.

Like many people who work in communications, I’m a word nerd. I love alliteration (see above), rhymes (see above) and vocabulary. Finding the exact right word to describe a particular situation is my job–and something I love doing.

Now to work this into my daily vocabulary… or even better, my professional writing.

This article from the Globe and Mail has an interesting investigation into the history of suffonsified.

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