Reading & writing round-up

Once a month, I round up some of the inspiring, intriguing and interesting things that I’ve read and written recently and share them all with you.

Neutral casual cottage living room by Jenna Sue Design
  • I followed Jenna Sue Design for awhile and really liked her style and approach to renovating. Then she became single, traveled for a year and sold her home. In the fall she kicked off a new project–renovating a 6 bedroom cottage in the Sierra Nevadas. What started as a creative outlet and a first foray into flipping turned into so much more–and ended with a photo shoot by Country Living. Her style is still wonderful and it’s great to see the cottage’s transformation. Plus it’s inspiring to see her take on this new stage of her life.
  • Words to ban from your vocabulary – I’m on a personal quest not to use “just” in my emails.
  • How a small shift in your vocabulary can instantly change your attitude
  • This month’s book was The Lake House by Kate Morton (not an affiliate link). It took me back to my days of studying English literature. The imagery and symbolism in this book is beautiful. Things tied up a bit too neatly for my liking in the end, but I do appreciate a happy ending.

My writing elsewhere:

What’s inspiring you right now?

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