How video and podcasts can expand your reach

I’ve been noticing a shift in the home decor blogosphere recently. Among shelter bloggers, there is a push towards podcasts and video.

Video has always been part of the web and podcasts have been around almost as long as there have been blogs.

But I’m seeing more and more bloggers becoming more and more active on these platforms.

For most bloggers, they still have their home base–their blogs. Videos or podcasts are additional content that they build into their blogs.

Room makeovers lend themselves very well to video. This highly visual medium is another way to share before and afters or show more clearly how a room or home flows together.

The living room makeover I shared in last month’s Reading & Writing Roundup is an example of this. The reveal video had footage from before, during and after. There was no host or voiceover, just background music. For Jenna Sue Design, who designed that living room, every single reveal that she has done recently includes a video, and it’s become an important part of her posts.

But some bloggers seem to be building their YouTube channel or podcast as a second platform. This content can stand on its own, and some subscribers may know a blogger only through their podcast or YouTube channel.

Christina Dennis, The DIY Mommy, has invested a lot of effort in growing her YouTube channel. She does reveal videos for all of her room makeovers, but she also does tutorials on a diverse range of topics and seems to take a “video first” approach for some of her content. Her videos are like mini TV shows, produced, edited and hosted by her. She has a trailer for her channel that encapsulates her brand and “elevator pitch.” Christina shared some very specific, helpful insight into her approach to video and how she’s built her YouTube channel in this post.

Podcasts are a recent addition that seem to be taking off for several bloggers. This audio format is a way to talk about different topics than you would normally cover on your blog, or talk about a topic in more detail. Plus, sponsorship on podcasts can be another way for bloggers to diversify their income and cover some of their costs.

I’ve written before about how blogging is all about authenticity and connecting with readers. Hearing a person’s voice, how they express themselves, what their opinions are, the little jokes they share make podcasts a more intimate form of communication in my opinion and enhance the connection with listeners (who may also be readers).

Podcasts and video do require investment–of time, money, equipment and effort. There’s also a learning curve for both technical skills and what topics lend themselves best to these media. But they can be a useful addition to your communications and another way to connect with your audience.

Are you trying out video or podcasts? Any recommendations of good YouTubers or podcasts to follow? Interested in trying video or podcasts but don’t know where to start? Contact me and let’s talk about how video or podcasts can fit into your communications strategy.

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