Creating an inspiring, energizing office

At the start of the year, I shared my five tips for creating a productive workspace. I’m so excited that my own workspace is finally finished–and it’s definitely inspiring me to tackle some new projects and increase my productivity.

Today, I’m looking back at how I put my tips to work in my new office.


Floral fabric against a dark blue wallI like dark, dramatic colours. They give me energy and encourage my creativity. In my new office, I chose dark turquoise for the walls. I contrasted that with white furniture, natural wood tones and other colourful accents.

One of the standout features of the room is an attention-getting floral fabric that I used on a bulletin board and two chairs. This fabric picks up on the blue walls, and adds bright green and pink for contrast. It’s an energetic, feminine and sophisticated mix.

Work area

Sewing deskFor now, my work area is limited to my sewing desk. Some paint, wood stain and new handles freshened up this cast off piece of furniture.

I’ve kept the top fairly empty, corralling scissors, rulers and other sewing supplies in a wood caddy. Other supplies are close at hand in the desk drawers.

I also made use of vertical space, adding a magnetic strip to the wall, so that I can post pattern instructions or other inspiration.

Someday I may set up a computer area in my office, but for now I find the most inspiring writing spot is in the dining room where I can look out over the farm.


China cabinet as office furnitureOrganizing all of my files, supplies, records and memorabilia was key in this makeover. For me to be productive, I need a tidy environment.

The biggest addition to the office was an old china cabinet. I rebuilt the top for more shelf space, painted most of it white, stained some of the wood a darker colour and then loaded it up. With a mix of open and closed storage, baskets and organizers, and drawers, shelves and cupboards, this one piece of furniture serves a lot of functions.

Elsewhere in the room, I have a closet, filing cabinet and even a mail sorter to help keep me organized.


Pin cushionAs this room came together, it became more important to me that I had a space for some of my hobbies–mainly sewing and knitting.

So I prioritized an efficient sewing area, storage for my wool, fabric and patterns, and lots of open space to spread out projects.

I’m a big believer that I need a balance of all of the different things I do in my life. My new office helps me to find that balance by giving me a space that encourages my creativity.


Gallery wallAs my decorating style has evolved, one element has become vital to me–making my decor very personal. This means including photos of favourite people and places, family heirlooms and other items that have meaning to my husband and me.

The office is completely my space, so I got very personal. Some of the items I included are a collection of vintage hats that belonged to my grandmother, a papier-mache goose head that reminded me of my childhood pet, a beloved stuffed dog I had growing up and a gallery wall of favourite art and other precious items that are important, inspirational and meaningful to me.

The whole office is designed just for me, and it was fun to think about what I need to be productive and inspired. You can see more of the office on my farm blog.

What are your tips for creating a functional office? How do you stimulate your creativity?

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