Reading & writing round-up

Once a month, I round up some of the inspiring, intriguing and interesting things that I’ve read and written recently and share them all with you.

Freelance Achievement Stickers By Jeremy Nguyen

  • Freelance achievement stickers by Jeremy Nguyen (found via Making it Lovely)
  • “What are you going to do with an English degree?” It was only once that I was asked this question from a truly obnoxious, ignorant point of view, but I still remember pretty much everything about that moment. This is a question that I’ve answered many times and one I continue to hear. Caela Fenton’s answer in the Globe and Mail is one of the best answers I’ve heard in awhile.
  • Packing up our little city house and moving to our 129-acre farm is one of the defining moments of my life. Brent Preston and Gillian Flies did the same thing, but they became actual farmers. I’ve enjoyed reading their diary entries this summer. The insights that they share into farming and food production are important for more people to understand.
  • The Ikea catalogue has been making the rounds in the blogosphere for a little while now. My copy finally arrived in my mailbox, and I’m enjoying thumbing through it and picking my own favourites.

My writing elsewhere:

What’s inspiring you right now?

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