5 reasons professors need PR

My early professional life was spent at universities. I worked in the communications office, and one of the things I did was help with professors with media relations.

Sometimes reporters called me: “I need to talk to a structural engineer about how we should be building safer buildings so that they don’t collapse when there’s an earthquake.”

Sometimes I worked with professors and wrote a press release to spread the word about their latest research findings.

Professors have incredible expertise. They have studied for years. They have multiple degrees. Many of them have literally written the book on their particular subject.

Thanks to my experience working for various universities, I understand the specialized expertise of professors. I also understand how to translate that expertise and share it with a wide audience.

One of the ways many professors connect with a wider audience is through their own businesses outside of their teaching and research responsibilities at university. The political scientist consults with government, the engineer sells the gadget she invented, the kinesiologist counsels athletes.

I love helping people to build their businesses–whether it’s finding new clients, establishing themselves even more firmly as experts in their field or marketing their products.

What are some of the ways I help professors–or any expert for that matter–share their story?

  1. Find the right contacts, whether they’re media, industry, clients, government, colleagues and collaborators, and connect you to them
  2. Develop marketing materials, such as social media messages, ads, flyers, brochures, whitepapers, and find the right places to share them
  3. Book speaking opportunities and help you develop a memorable presentation–both what you say and how you say it
  4. Take that lecture or research paper and make it into an article, press release or media pitch and share it with your target audience
  5. Build a website that helps achieve your goals for your business

Does that sound like something you’re interested in? Contact me to find out more about what I can do for you.

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