What type are you?

I’ve lost count of how many personality assessments I’ve gone through over my working life. They seem to be a fixture of professional development. No matter how many times I do them, though, I always find them an interesting exercise in self-reflection and a helpful tool to understand how to better work with others.

The most recent assessment I was part of was DiSC. DiSC assesses behaviour at work. It’s not about core personality or who someone is as a person. It’s more about the situations we find ourselves in, how we respond, our work priorities and preferences.

The letters in DiSC stand for the four behaviours in the model: dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness.

DiSC styles

I fell right in the middle of the C section. According to my conscientious style, I tend to take a logical, objective approach to ensure accuracy. I pride myself on the quality of my work. My most valuable contributions include insistence on precision, quiet diligence and my ability to find practical solutions to complex problems.

Yup. That all sounds right. In fact, that sounds like fun to me. (I’m motivated by creating efficient systems and procedures and ensuring quality.)

I liked the DiSC assessment because it seemed more malleable than some other tests I’ve had in the past. It was about understanding myself and others and adapting my approach so that I could be as effective as possible in my work.

Have you done a personality test before? Any favourites? What DiSC profile feels like a fit for you?

If you’re interested in investigating DiSC for yourself, information is available at www.everythingdisc.com.


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