Hallowe’en story ideas to promote your business

We are one week away from Hallowe’en.

Occasions like Hallowe’en can be helpful when it comes to building awareness of your company.

Reporters and bloggers are all looking for stories. They have websites, social media feeds, papers, magazines and hours of TV to fill. Especially when it comes to holidays, reporters welcome quirky, timely topics. Help them out by creating a story. The right story can position you as an expert in your industry, highlight your products or services and expose your business to new customers.

So don’t be spooked. Here are some Hallowe’en story ideas for a few different businesses.

Architects, designers and contractors

  • How to create a safe walkway and front entrance for trick or treaters
  • The most iconic haunted houses from the movies
  • How to decorate your home for Hallowe’en

Veterinarians, dog trainers, pet shop owners

  • How to make sure Hallowe’en candies don’t make a dangerous situation for your dog
  • How to help your dog remain calm when the doorbell rings
  • How to train your dog to do tricks

Dentists, nutritionists

  • The best candies for your body and teeth (or least worst)
  • How to properly clean your teeth after enjoying your Hallowe’en candy
  • Healthier Hallowe’en treats

Authors, librarians, bookstore owners

  • The scariest authors/books of all time
  • What makes a great horror story

With a bit of creativity and effort, you can create a story for almost any occasion. Whether you share it on your own website or pitch it to someone else, Hallowe’en can be an opportunity to add some fun to your communications and promote your business.

Hallowe’en is also an opportunity to show some love to your customers. Have some treats available to give away to  your customers next Tuesday or email a special coupon to show you appreciate them.

Looking for help coming up with story ideas? Need assistance spreading those stories? Contact me and let’s spread the word about your business.

Image courtesy of Wonderopolis.

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