Simple prioritization exercise to start your week right

Yesterday I sat down to start my week, and I was excited. I had a fairly open calendar–lots of time to move projects forward, follow up with clients, send out new pitches. The possibilities were endless.

However, along with excitement, there was a slight feeling of panic. When the possibilities are endless, where do I start?

Years ago, I found a simple prioritization exercise that helps me to identify what’s most important and focus where I need to spend my time. (Apologies, I cannot recall the source for this. If you know, please pass it along):

3 meetings that will move your work forward

3 critical must-do tasks that need to be accomplished

3 projects or tasks to be developed further

Absolutely I will do more than 9 things this week. But these 9 give me a starting point and make sure that I’m spending my time where it matters most.

How do you plan your week? What are your prioritization tips?

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