Do you know these parts of speech? You could be on Jeopardy

A bit of trivia fun for the language geeks today courtesy of Jeopardy (the Dec. 7, 2017 episode).

What parts of speech are highlighted in the following answers?


I once started a huge bar fight in Pacoima and broke a guy’s ulna: Pacoima


She got an honorary degree in anthropology at Stanford: an


Fraznat! I stubbed my toe on that statue of George Meany, president of the AFL-CIO from 1955 to 1979!: fraznat


A haiku for you / Who amongst us has knowledge? / Now, we shall find out: amongst


The horrible realization struck Melvin far too late: too

1. noun | 2. article | 3. interjection | 4. preposition | 5. adverb

How did you do?

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