Take action towards your goals

Happy New Year. How are you feeling about this year?

Even though it’s in many ways completely arbitrary, the start of the year feels fresh and full of possibility. Who knows what might happen? We can do anything.

I’ve written before about my love for my Passion Planner. It’s such a great tool to motivate me and keep me organized and working towards my goals. I especially love starting the year with its crisp fresh pages

Each week includes an inspirational quote and a couple of motivational sentences about how to put the quote into action that particular week.

The first call to action in this year’s planner is below:

Start the year off on a positive note by taking one decisive action towards your goals this week. Trust that the steps you are taking will lead you to exactly where you need to be.

I think this is a great philosophy to begin 2018–and a good mantra to remember throughout the year.

All the best to you in the coming year. I hope that you are surrounded by positivity and are able to work to achieve your goals.

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