Lessons learned from tummy time

If you’re a parent, you’re likely familiar with tummy time… also known as “that time of day when I make the baby cry.”

Tummy time has a lot of benefits for babies as they strengthen and grow and move. However, for most babies, it’s not a lot of fun, especially at first.

They are not strong enough to hold their head up. They are not coordinated enough to use their arms to push themselves off the floor. It’s an uncomfortable and confusing experience.

There are lots of times in our lives when we try something new. Sometimes, it’s uncomfortable and confusing. However, if we persist, we learn, we get stronger, and we grow.

Eventually, we can pick our heads up, and soon we crawl and walk and run.

To help us get there, we hopefully have people encouraging us. With my new daughter, my role during tummy time is to cheer her on. I tell her how strong she is and how well she’s doing. And when tummy time is over, I give her a big hug and comfort her if she needs it.

When you’re facing your own tummy time, persist. And to help you get through, find someone to cheer you on.

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