“I have a blog about dog training and life with dogs, and Julia has been contributing several articles each month. Her writing really adds to That Mutt’s community, and she engages with her readers. Julia writes so people can relate to her experiences. As a writer myself, that’s something I admire.”
Lindsay Stordahl, Blogger,

“Julia is a talented and insightful writer who has the ability to hone in on the right details for her audience. Her knowledge of interior design and architecture is evident in her writing while her creativity is an asset to Whether she’s writing about an ordinary home renovation or an architectural marvel, Julia delivers informative, easy-to-read and concise content that grabs and holds the reader’s attention.”
Monisha Martins, Content Manager Canada,

SNAP Cambridge

“Julia always responds very quickly to my requests. She has great attention to detail and works to ensure my needs are met. She helps to meet our deadlines and allows me to build better connections with community organizations.”
Frank Centofanti, Owner/Publisher, SNAP Cambridge

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