BarnRaising Associates

Communications can be a force for good. It can raise funds or raise awareness. It can inspire people and move them to act. It can change the world.

Changing the world is the vision of BarnRaising Associates. This consulting firm based in Waterloo, Ontario works with start-ups, social ventures and tech companies–like-minded organizations that share the goal of building a better world.

I work with the BarnRaising team, helping them to spread their message and build movements.

Julia is a pleasure to work with. We’ve relied on her keen eye for detail and editorial insights on both BarnRaising Associates and client projects. She is always prompt and courteous, and is focused on ensuring final projects follow brand and style guidelines. She is a true communications professional, able to adjust tone and content to suit client goals.
Alan Quarry, Founder & Brand Builder

Throughout my career, I have led communications for fundraising initiatives, educational programs, social development campaigns–potentially world-changing projects. Working with BarnRaising Associates, I use my communications expertise to have an impact.

Here is some of my work for BarnRaising Associates:

BarnRaising Associates web animation

BarnRaising Associates sees the consulting world differently. I edit website text and blog posts, helping to show clients the BarnRaising approach and how it can benefit them.

HeartBeatsHate logo

HeartBeatsHate is a social activism venture of BarnRaising Associates aimed at encouraging, enabling and empowering people to reject racism, bigotry and hate. I support them in their mission by editing web copy, blog posts and curriculum.

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