Home–whether it’s a farm in the country, a condo in the city, a family-friendly two-storey in the suburbs–is an extremely personal, special place.

The experience of finding, buying, renovating, building, decorating and maintaining our homes can be both challenging and rewarding.

On homify.ca, I wrote about beautiful homes, discussed trends and showcased architects, designers and builders, all with the goal of inspiring and helping people to make their home dreams come true.

“Julia is a talented and insightful writer who has the ability to hone in on the right details for her audience. Her knowledge of interior design and architecture is evident in her writing while her creativity is an asset to homify.ca. Whether she’s writing about an ordinary home renovation or an architectural marvel, Julia delivers informative, easy-to-read and concise content that grabs and holds the reader’s attention.”

Monisha Martins, Content Manager Canada, homify.ca

An avid DIYer with a professional construction background, I draw on six years of working with a licensed contractor to write accurate articles that inform and educate readers. From home financing and real estate to renovations and  interior decorating, my goal is to help people achieve the home of their dreams.

Here are some favourite articles from homify.ca:

Ski chalet dining area

This Canadian reno creates a getaway home for generations
When it came time to update and expand this chalet at Devil’s Glen Ski Resort, the architects, BLDG Workshop Inc. based in Toronto, wanted to be true to the original structure and the unique mountainside site. The result of the renovation is a modern structure that blends old and new and has plenty of space for current and future generations.

Asian inspired home in British Columbia

A one-of-a-kind home that echoes the majesty of BC’s coast
In British Columbia, Helliwell + Smith • Blue Sky Architecture has a design approach that works with site, local materials, climate and the objectives of their clients. Influenced by the mountains, forest and ocean, this home is governed by a respect for and connection to the surrounding environment.

Subway tile in a herringbone pattern

10 tantalizing tile trends for your home
Step into pretty much any home and somewhere you will encounter tile. This versatile material is one of the most frequent go-tos of designers, contractors and home owners. When it comes to decorating our homes, there’s a tile for every taste and every space. This article covers ten trends for this timeless material.

Shipping container house

A cool container home
As the tiny house movement has gained momentum, more people are re-evaluating what they’re looking for in their homes. A private retreat close to nature. A stylish space where every detail is considered. A thoughtfully designed home with only what is needed. This tiny house in Brazil ticks all the boxes, and does it all within a single shipping container.

Stone house with a red door

How to decorate like a Canadian
Embracing your inner Canadian – no matter where home is for you – is about not taking yourself too seriously and adding a bit of fun to your decor. Forget about the cliches of igloos, parkas and ice skates. Find inspiration in nature, and, of course, that red maple leaf.

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