VMF ink

The goal of editing is to improve communications. At the most basic, an editor checks that writing is correct–spelling, grammar and punctuation. At a higher level, an editor ensures that writing is clear and readers will understand. Beyond that, an editor looks at the style, the imagery, themes and “feel” of a piece–the elements that create a response in readers. An editor pushes a writer to be better.

At VMF ink, principal Victoria Ford brings a unique perspective to communications. She zeroes in on clients’ goals and develops creative, customer-focused strategies. Victoria contracts with 129 Communications for editing services. I ensure that VMF ink’s communications are correct, clear and compelling, allowing her to bring clients’ stories to life.

“The best thing about 129 Communications? Julia. Whatever I send her comes back in its best form. She’s speedy (her turnarounds will, quite literally, knock your socks off), but never at a cost of quality. In fact, she’s a stickler for the details, which is, perhaps, the best trait in an editor. I trust and value her comments and suggestions, and know my writing will be its best after Julia has red-penned it.”
Victoria Ford, Principal, VMF ink – Communications Consulting

Writing is often a solitary, mental pursuit, but, like any enterprise, it benefits from collaboration. I have worked with Victoria for a number of years on a diverse range of projects, helping her to strengthen her communications and bring value to VMF ink clients.

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