YMCA of Three Rivers

Charities and not-for-profits are special organizations. In their missions, in their everydays, they are working to make life better. Supporting that is a fulfilling task. The YMCA is one of the biggest charities in Canada. When five Ys joined together to form the YMCA of Three Rivers, the amalgamation meant updating programs, services and communications … More YMCA of Three Rivers

Regional Tractor Sales

Your customers are online. Are you? This is the question Regional Tractor Sales Ltd. faced. They knew they needed to connect with customers online. They had their website. They’d tried social media and email marketing. But no one had time to add communications to their already busy jobs. They needed help. As the communications manager … More Regional Tractor Sales

Steel Design Magazine

Construction is an evolving industry. New techniques and materials are continually being developed to improve efficiency, decrease cost, increase safety, minimize environmental impact and keep up with client demands. Steel is a durable, versatile and constantly advancing material that is helping to meet the changing needs of the building industry. ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading … More Steel Design Magazine

Puslinch Pioneer

Learning about local issues, supporting local businesses, participating in local events and building relationships with the people who share our communities, towns and neighbourhoods connects us more deeply with our homes and enriches our lives. The Puslinch Pioneer, published 10 times a year completely by volunteers, is a community newsletter for residents of Puslinch, Ontario. … More Puslinch Pioneer

Xiris Automation Inc.

Technical writing can be a bit… well… technical. In certain fields the topics, processes or equipment are so specialized that they often have developed their own language. And to many people, this language may not look like English. Dissecting the terms and concepts requires a writer who can develop an understanding of the underlying technology. … More Xiris Automation Inc.

BarnRaising Associates

Communications can be a force for good. It can raise funds or raise awareness. It can inspire people and move them to act. It can change the world. Changing the world is the vision of BarnRaising Associates. This consulting firm based in Waterloo, Ontario works with start-ups, social ventures and tech companies–like-minded organizations that share the … More BarnRaising Associates

The Canadian Organic Grower

With a growing recognition of the importance of sustainability in our food chain, more people are looking for information and guidance on organic practices. The Canadian Organic Grower is a national magazine focused on organic production, research, marketing and more for an audience of farmers, gardeners and consumers across Canada. In articles for TCOG, I showcase businesses … More The Canadian Organic Grower

VMF ink

The goal of editing is to improve communications. At the most basic, an editor checks that writing is correct–spelling, grammar and punctuation. At a higher level, an editor ensures that writing is clear and readers will understand. Beyond that, an editor looks at the style, the imagery, themes and “feel” of a piece–the elements that … More VMF ink