The Canadian Organic Grower

With a growing recognition of the importance of sustainability in our food chain and the impact agriculture has on climate change, more people are looking for information and guidance on organic practices.

The Canadian Organic Grower is a national magazine focused on organic production, research, marketing and more for an audience of farmers, gardeners and consumers across Canada.

In articles for TCOG, I showcase businesses that are leading the charge in organic growing, offer tips to help people incorporate organic practices into their own gardens and food choices, and share innovative products and techniques that are helping to advance organic growing in Canada.

“Julia has become a regular contributor to TCOG. Her capacity to write about a range of organic growing topics is impressive, and her writing cadence and style makes for a pleasurable reading experience. Julia always meets deadlines, is quick to respond to edits (though there are few), and other requests or emails and is always forthcoming with new topic ideas and suggestions for future issues. It is a pleasure to work with Julia, and we are very lucky to have her in our network of TCOG writers.

Sarah Chisholm Ryder, Editor

As a long-time gardener and owner of a 129-acre cash crop farm, I am conscious of my role as a steward of this planet and the impact my choices have on our environment. In The Canadian Organic Grower, I provide practical, timely information useful to growers and eaters across Canada.

Here are my articles from The Canadian Organic Grower:

Orange tree growing in a pot

Container gardening for all seasons and all people (Spring 2019)
Container gardening is a way to enjoy the benefits of gardening no matter where you live. This how-to article discusses types of container gardens, suggests unique plants to grow, and prepares readers to set up and care for their own containers.

Red potatoes lying on the dirt

Increasing potato production through efficient growing practices (Summer 2018)
Through experimentation and innovation, Paul Ireland of Calannire Organic Farms is working to reduce manual labour while growing high quality potatoes. This profile shares some of Ireland’s techniques, results and plans for the future.

Apples growing on a tree

Finding fruit fit for a Canadian climate (Fall/Winter 2017)
As hard as Canadian winters can be on humans, the climate can be equally harsh for plants. This how-to article covers selecting, planting and caring for plants so that Canadians can enjoy sweet homegrown fruit.

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