Community is important. The businesses we shop at, the events we attend, the charities we support, the people we know. Communications helps them all. Communications can build our sense of community and help people to connect more deeply to where they live and with each other. They learn about businesses, events, people and places that are close to them. The result? We care more about our community.

snapd is a community newspaper that showcases citizens and activities in Cambridge, Ontario. As editor, I wrote articles, profiled local businesses, covered special events, and even reviewed a few restaurants. I established a consistent editorial style (based on Canadian Press style), ensured all articles conformed to tight word limits and met strict publication deadlines.

“Julia always responds very quickly to my requests. She has great attention to detail and works to ensure my needs are met. She helps to meet our deadlines and allows me to build better connections with community organizations.”
Frank Centofanti, Owner/Publisher, snapd Cambridge

We all want to live in communities that are thriving, vibrant, and supportive. Giving people opportunities to participate in their communities, helping local businesses succeed, and connecting residents with each other creates close knit, caring communities and shows the power of communications.

Check out the latest edition of snapd Cambridge

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