Dogs enrich people’s lives. Whether it’s through training challenges that teach both dog and human, the surprising abilities that dogs possess, the unique experiences humans share with their dogs or a myriad of other special moments, dogs are a constant source of inspiration for me and a fascinating topic to write about.

As a regular contributor to, I wrote about training how-tos, insights into dog behaviour, informative series, product reviews and much more for an engaged community of dog lovers.

“I have a blog about dog training and life with dogs, and Julia has been contributing several articles each month. Her writing really adds to That Mutt’s community, and she engages with her readers. Julia writes so people can relate to her experiences. As a writer myself, that’s something I admire.”

Lindsay Stordahl, Blogger,

While I spend a lot of time talking to other dog owners and meeting dogs, my own furry fellow, Baxter, comes first in my life. Bax is a Boxer-Lab-who-knows-what-else rescue mutt who joined our family when he was three years old. He loves off-leash hiking and rearranging the pillows on our bed for optimal napping.

Here are some favourite posts from

Three dogs greeting each other at the dog park

When to Intervene at the Dog Park
Dog parks can be stages for good and bad scenes. My first choice is always to let dogs be dogs. However, if they can’t work it out, it’s up to me to do what’s best for my dog. In this post, I share insights to help people understand dog behaviour and four tips to make visits to the dog park positive.

A dog with hackles raised on his back

What Does It Mean When My Dog’s Hackles Are Up?
Hackles—that strip of hair along a dog’s back—can rise in a number of different situations: fear, anxiety, excitement, nervousness or anger. While hackles are often associate with aggression, that may not always be the case. It’s important to pay attention to your dog’s body language as a whole and try to learn what he’s saying.

Ezydog Element Jacket

EzyDog Element Jacket Review and Coupon Code
The Element Jacket by EzyDog protects your dog from cold winter elements. The outer shell acts as a windbreaker and raincoat. The interior is lined in a non-pilling fleece to provide warmth in cold temperatures. The jacket offers protection in a variety of weather and is a good option if you live in cold climates.

Mighty Paw Rope Leash

Mighty Paw Rope Leash Review
Mighty Paw is a company that makes high-quality products for dogs including collars, leashes and potty bells. One of their products is their new reflective rope leash. From the quality of the materials to the construction, the Mighty Paw rope leash is a good choice for active dogs and their owners.

Tags hanging from a dog's collar

Should You License Your Dog? Two Views
Pet licensing can be a contentious issue. This article includes interviews with two people on both sides. Karen Edwards is an animal services advisor at the City of Hamilton, Ontario who works in the Licensing and By-law Services department. Wendy is a dog owner who chose not to license her dog.

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