Puslinch Pioneer

Learning about local issues, supporting local businesses, participating in local events and building relationships with the people who share our communities, towns and neighbourhoods connects us more deeply with our homes and enriches our lives.

The Puslinch Pioneer, published 10 times a year completely by volunteers, is a community newsletter for residents of Puslinch, Ontario. I contribute regularly to the publication, writing articles about family activities in the area, special events, local history, or community businesses, all with the goal of enhancing the Township’s sense of community.

“Julia has become a regular contributor to the Puslinch Pioneer. Her column arrives on time, requires no editing, is relevant and she provides a choice of photos for us to use in the publication.”

Anne Day, Editor, Puslinch Pioneer

I grew up in a small town. My family’s names are on street signs, and I went to the same high school as my Dad. Feeling part of a community and contributing to its success is important to me. Helping others to build that connection, no matter how long they’ve lived somewhere, is a rewarding part of the work I do.

Selected articles from the Puslinch Pioneer:

Family Activity (September 2022)

There are lots of ways to get outside and celebrate the season. Each month I write a column with a simple outdoor activity and a hike to help residents enjoy the beautiful Puslinch environment.

Maple Tree Honours Farmhand (April 2022)

In 1936, Harry Halworth came to Puslinch from England. He was 16 years old. Harry’s experience in Puslinch forged a deep connection to Canada. The daughter of one of the farmers Harry worked for commemorated this connection by having a maple tree planted on her parents’ former farm.

1,000 Hours Outside (February 2022)

The 1,000 Hours Outside movement aims to give children 1,000 hours of free play outside a year. (For those doing the math, this is about 3 hours a day or 20 hours a week.) This article discusses the health, social, and developmental benefits from being outdoors and encourages people to join the movement.

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