Atkins + Van Groll

You know a lot. You’ve built your career over decades. You’ve studied for years. Maybe you’ve literally written the book in your particular area of expertise.

That was the case for Raymond Van Groll. As an engineer with more than 30 years of experience, Raymond specializes in mid-rise structural buildings and light gauge steel construction. He’s built projects across Canada and the United States and assisted in developing Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute’s (CSSBI) Light Weight Steel Framing Design Manual.

When Construction Canada asked Raymond to write an article demystifying lightweight steel framing, he came to me for help. LSF offers a level of precision, efficiency and cost-savings that is unmatched. But for some builders, LSF is a mysterious world with complicated requirements and unfamiliar materials. Working with Raymond, I wrote an article that provided a map to help readers navigate the lightweight steel world.

“Our firm has used the services of 129 Communications to assist us in providing a better, more enriched way of communicated. Julia has carefully helped us wordsmith our articles about structural engineering, which enable the non-engineer to easily understand.”

Raymond van Groll, Manager, Building Structures Division, MTE Consultants Inc.

My knowledge of construction and steel allowed me to find a balance between a technical article that was informative for construction professionals, but understandable for people unfamiliar with LSF. I worked with the editorial team at Construction Canada to ensure we conformed to their style and addressed their goals for the article. And I supported Raymond to ensure that his knowledge was communicated clearly and accurately.

I understand how to translate your specialized expertise and share it with a wide audience. As a result, I’m helping people build their businesses–whether it’s finding new clients, establishing themselves even more firmly as experts in their field or marketing their products.

Construction Canada June 2021

Demystifying Lightweight Steel Framing

Lightweight Steel Framing represents a new stage of
engineering and construction. Think back to the early days of automobiles. Since Henry Ford, cars have been built on assembly lines and roll off fully assembled, not in pieces that must be put together elsewhere. This is where the construction industry is going as well, and LSF is the vehicle that is driving people there.

What are some of the ways I help experts share their story?

  • Take that lecture or research paper and make it into an article, press release or media pitch and share it with your target audience
  • Develop materials, such as presentations, articles, whitepapers, press releases, social media messages, brochures, and find the right places to share them
  • Build a website that helps achieve your goals for your business
  • Find the right contacts, whether they’re media, industry, clients, government, colleagues and collaborators, and connect you to them

I can do the same for you. Contact me to find out how.

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