Hamilton Spectator

When things are important, it’s important to speak up. Words are the most powerful tool we have to make people think and inspire them to act. On the issue of climate change, action is urgently needed.

For Earth Day, I authored an op-ed for the Hamilton Spectator about climate change, farming, food and the future. The article was a personal reflection on my own responsibility to my home and to the rest of the Earth. It was also a call to readers to join together to “pull things back from the abyss.”

“I often think of our farm as a refuge from the rest of the world, but we are part of the world, especially ecologically. Climate change doesn’t stop at our farm’s border. What happens in the fields across the road affects us, as does what happens in the Arctic, the Amazon and the English fells. I am trying to do my best on this piece of earth that I am responsible for — and realizing I have a responsibility to the rest of the Earth as well.”

Listening to the land on Earth Day Hamilton Spectator

Living on a farm, I am connected to the seasons, the land, the weather. I see climate change and I feel a responsibility to use this land to help the Earth, as much as possible. I also feel a responsibility to use my skills as a writer to advocate for better environmental stewardship, regenerative agriculture and practices that will make a healthy world for the future.

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Listening to the land on Earth Day
Hamilton Spectator

Our daughter is four years old. In the future when I talk to her about feeling the onset of climate change, I think I will start with the winds. The winds are so strong and fierce. More than anything, I remember when I was growing up. I feel like the winds are harbingers of more harshness to come.

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